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To my mind, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I really like the architecture, the atmosphere (especially at the early morning or when the sun shines) and its culture. Here are some key facts and figures to make you understand better this city.

Geography and population

Paris: capital of France – I guess you knew that
Inhabitants: 2.2 millions of Parisians – yes, they are those who will commute with you in the metro and buses everyday plus other coming from suburbs (12 millions inhabitants in Paris region)
River: the Seine – who does not know the Bateau Mouche on the Seine river?

Organization of the city

Number of neighborhoods (arrondissements): 20 – if you have a look at the organization of the neighborhoods, Paris has a snail shell shape
Number of metro lines: 16 – the first line started in 1900!
Number of metro stations: 303 – there are 16 ghost stations in Paris. One of them (Croix Rouge in the 6th arrondissement) will re-open in 2021 and become a place to get fresh food
Number of bus lines: 47 – the bus line number (example line 38) depends on the bus route. The tens digit represents the departure and the unit digit represents the arrival (usually Paris’ old gates): so the 38 line goes from Gare du Nord (3) to Porte d’Orléans (8)
Number of electric scooters for rent: 10 electric scooter operators with 15 000 scooters – this figure could reach 40 000 at the end of the year!
Number of train stations: 7 train stations still operating – one of the old train stations became a restaurant La Gare in the 16th arrondissement
Number of green spaces: more than 500 – you can rest on an iconic green chair of the Luxembourg garden


Top corporate headquarters in Paris region (Fortune Global 500) : Axa, Total, Bnp Paribas, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole, Electricité de France, ENGIE, BPCE Group, Société Générale, PSA Peugeot Citroën
Business area: La Défense the biggest business area in Europe – you can also find 60 art works in this area
Average gross annual salary in Paris region: €45 463 (in 2014)
Startups: Station F is the world’s biggest startup campus hosting 1000 startups– you have to go there once, they also have the biggest restaurant in Europe La Felicita

Student’s life

Number of universities and schools: 16 public universities and 70 “Grandes Ecoles” (elite schools)
Number of students in Paris region: 678 000 students including more than 111000 foreign students
Average time between 2 metro stations: 1min30
Average rent price: 565€/month for a room, 863€/month for a studio
Rooms and studios: 63% of the leases in Paris are for small accommodations such as rooms and studios

Fun facts

Town twinning: Rome is the only sister city of Paris – “Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris”
The shortest street: rue des Degrés in the 2nd arrondissement – 6m only!
Number of bridges: 37 – the pont Neuf is the oldest one (1578)

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